Before ordering any product online from the website, we ask you to carefully read these Terms and Conditions of Purchase.


When you place an order from the website to purchase one of our products, you unconditionally accept and make a commitment to respect these Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use.

If you need further information, we ask you not to place an order but to contact us at this email address: Info@weegi.com.


WEEGI makes deliveries to many countries. For reasons of climate or different legislative norms (such as those regarding VAT or official sale items), available products and their prices may vary from country to country.


Our website is intended for end users only. Professional sales representatives or those wishing to resell our products should contact us at Info@weegi.com. We will be happy to create a personalised offer on the basis of your needs.

If you are under 16 years of age, you may not browse our website or purchase our products. If you are under 16 years of age, you may not send us any personal data, as per current legislation.

To purchase from our website, you must register and create a personal account.


On our website you can view items for sale together with all product details. When you choose an item, to purchase it you must fill in the order form and send it according to the instructions shown in the video. By sending an order, you make a purchase proposal of the items listed in that order and you further accept the present Terms and Conditions of Purchase and the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. The proposal for purchase is binding for you from the moment that you send it and cannot be revoked. You may, however, return the purchase within 14 days of delivery.

We process the data contained on the order form and store them only until the expiration of the terms of guarantee and in any case not beyond the terms established by law. You can find all this information in the section on our Privacy Policy.

You may review your orders in the shopping cart. WEEGI reserves the right to verify and/or reject your order at any time, without needing to cite the reasons. The following list provides some examples of cases in which WEEGI refuses consumer orders:

  • the items ordered are no longer available, even if they still appear on the website;
  • we do not receive payment authorisation from the handler of your credit card or your account;
  • we suspect the order was made with the aid or intercession of software, crawlers, spiders or other automatic devices;
  • the orders do not conform to the present terms and conditions of purchase.

As per Italian Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, no. 70 regarding norms for electronic commerce, WEEGI informs users that:

  • to conclude the contract for purchase of a product on the website, the user must fill in and send the order form to WEEGI electronically, in accordance with the instructions which from time to time will appear on the website to aid customers in the various purchase phases;
  • the contract is concluded when the order form reaches WEEGI’s server;
  • once the order form is recorded, WEEGI will send confirmation of the order to the user at the email address provided. The confirmation will indicate the characteristics of the purchased product, a detailed breakdown of prices, the payment method used, the delivery charges and any other additional costs. We recommend keeping the confirmation email as proof of purchase. The general conditions of sale, information on the right of withdrawal, and WEEGI’s Privacy Policy are accessible through the links provided at the bottom of the email confirming the order of the purchased item: these links take the user to the relevant pages on the website.
  • The order form will be stored in WEEGI’s database for the time needed to process the order and in any case not in excess of the times prescribed by law. To view an order, users may consult their personal accounts.

To finish the order, you will be asked to provide the information you gave to register on the website, your shipping address and your invoicing preferences (should you require one). Before completing the order, you will be able to review the order summary. When you place the order, you will receive a summary email at the address which you provided.

Take care to fill in the form accurately. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information provided on the order form is correct and complete. If you notice any errors, please contact us at the following email address: info@weegi.com; we will do what we can to help you. We inform you that some couriers charge additional costs for address corrections.

When you purchase several items, we may make partial deliveries such that you receive part of your order as soon as possible; in such cases you will not be charged extra.

In the unlikely event that we are not able to deliver the items ordered within the times given because of reasons beyond our control, we will promptly inform you and reimburse your payment. In these cases, the purchase contract will be considered as terminated.

Each individual delivery will constitute a separate sales contract. When several items have been purchased, delayed or failed delivery of one of these does not void the order concerning the other products.

Some couriers make a second attempt to deliver if the first one was not successful. We invite you to verify the terms and conditions of delivery of the courier in question.


Unfortunately, orders are processed as soon as they are received, such that it is not possible for us to change sizes or styles. (In any case, send a message to info@weegi.com). If you would like to exchange a product, you will have to return the unwanted item and then make a new purchase.


Because orders are processed as soon as they are received, we are not able to cancel them.

If you notice that you have made a mistake in your order, contact us during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 am-1 pm / 2 pm-6 pm), and we will do what we can to help you. Otherwise, write to us at info@weegi.com.


Prices include VAT. Prices are in Euros and do not include any customs duties.

NB: we reserve the right to change the prices of products and to change, limit or terminate any special offers, promotions or discounts on products at any time.

When you add a product to your shopping cart, you have not yet placed the order or concluded the purchase contract. We ask you to always check the price before placing the order, because it may have changed.


We have made agreements with the main couriers: delivery of items will occur in accordance with the terms and conditions of delivery of the couriers. You will receive an email indicating the courier that will make the delivery: you can check the terms, conditions and policies of the courier in question as well as the estimated date or period of delivery.

Some couriers require a signature as proof of delivery.

We are not able to guarantee delivery to every location in the world. Some couriers offer a delivery tracking service. When available, WEEGI will provide you with the tracking number (AWB), which allows you to follow the delivery.

Shipping costs and delivery times vary according to the destination country and delivery type. We will make the delivery within the time period indicated on the order or within a maximum of 30 days; delivery will be made to the address which you provide. We are not responsible for deliveries made to persons who have not been authorised by you.


Items which are not retrieved will be placed in deposit until the end of the time period stipulated by the courier. You can check this time period on the courier’s website. Beyond that time limit, the courier will return the items to us.

When we receive delivery of items that you failed to retrieve, we will credit you for the price you paid minus shipping and deposit costs. Reimbursement will be made to the same means of payment that you used for the purchase.

We will send you this information to the email address which you used to make the order.


For each purchase which you make, we inform you that we will verify the means of payment that you choose. Based on this verification, we reserve the right to refuse certain means of payment.

If your credit card has expired, we will ask you to provide a new one.

Payment can be made only in the currency indicated in the order. Any currency exchange will be made by your credit card handler.


WEEGI pays much attention to its customers: we have set up fraud prevention services through the circuits that manage credit card payments.


Delivered items remain in our legal possession until we have received payment of the product price and shipping costs indicated on the order form.

We are responsible for lost or damaged items until they are delivered to the address which you provide.


To help you in choosing shoes that suit and fit you best, we provide a Size Guide. Each foot is differently shaped, meaning that this Guide cannot provide absolute certainty.


You have the right to withdraw from this contract within fourteen (14) days from delivery without needing to provide a reason. We will ask you to voluntarily indicate your reason only to the end of helping us to improve our service, but you are free not to answer. In the case that several of the items purchased in the same order were shipped separately, we take the final delivery as the point of reference.

To exercise your right of withdrawal, you can send us a declaration of withdrawal from the purchase contract by email to the address info@weegi.com, or by PEC to angolo72@legalmail.it.

In the last two of these cases, processing of the withdrawal in our systems will not occur immediately.


If you decide to withdraw from the contract, all payments made will be reimbursed, including shipping costs from WEEGI to you. Reimbursement will be made through the same means of payment used for the first transaction.

Shipping costs for returns are your responsibility, except in the case in which WEEGI specifies that it will cover those costs.

If you paid customs duties for delivery, you may request reimbursement of these from the customs office in question after making the return.

NB: Returns must be made within fourteen (14) days from the date in which you communicate withdrawal from the contract. The return period is considered as having been respected if the items are shipped before the end of the 14-day period.

NB: You may only return items which have not been used. Items must be intact and placed back in their original packaging (and include any accessories, labels, information cards, seals, etc.).

WEEGI reserves the right to refuse the return and to send the items back to you if they are not intact or not returned in their original packaging, or if they are unsellable for any reason.

In the case that WEEGI refuses the return, you will be contacted by our staff at the email address which you provided for the order; the product will be sent back to you, and you will be responsible for shipping charges and for retrieving the products.

If the returned products have been used or are not intact or in their original packaging, we will refuse the return and send the products back to you.


For WEEGI, quality plays a fundamental role. To inform us of a defective or non-compliant item, we ask you to contact us at the following email address: info@weegi.com. We will be happy to assist you.

WEEGI is responsible for defective or non-compliant products which you purchase on its website, as per legal norms.

If you believe that an item which you purchased is damaged, defective or non-compliant, you can send it back by initiating the returns procedure with an email to info@weegi.com.

Shipping costs for the return of a defective or non-compliant item will be at your expense; however, you will be reimbursed once we are able to verify the defect or non-compliance.

Returned items are inspected by our Quality Control Department. If our inspection confirms the defect or non-compliance, all costs paid by you, including the price of the item and shipping costs, will be reimbursed to you. If the inspection fails to confirm the defect or non-compliance, we will reship the original item to you, with shipping costs at your expense.

We do not reimburse products:

  1. which were damaged because of improper use or negligence (exposure to chemical or caustic substances, open flames, sharp objects, etc.);
  2. which were damaged because of improper use or for activities for which they are not intended (e.g., using shoes for sports or outdoor work);
  3. which were not purchased on our website;
  4. for which the period of guarantee has expired.

WEEGI guarantees its products for two years or for a longer period if established by applicable laws.

NB: the expected duration of WEEGI products depends on the specific use of each individual item, on the conditions of use, and on the habits of their owner. Items damaged through normal use will not be replaced.

We are always willing to meet our customers’ needs. We invite our customers to contact us for questions or comments.

When products which are not defective are sent back to you and are not retrieved, they will remain in deposit for the period established by the courier. Upon the expiration of that time period, the courier will send the products back to us. In that case, you tacitly allow WEEGI to give the product to a charity of its choice and at its discretion or to dismantle it, without reimbursing the price of the item to you. In any case, you will be informed at the email address which you provided in the order.



Please carefully read the present Terms and Conditions for use of this website before proceeding. The present ‘Terms and Conditions for the Use of this Website’ applies to each visit and use of the website, in addition to the content, information, recommendations and/or services provided to you on the website. By accessing and using the website, you give your tacit consent to the present ‘Terms and Conditions for the Use of this Website’ in their entirety, in addition to other laws or regulations applicable to this website and to the Internet. If you do not accept the present ‘Terms and Conditions for the Use of this Website’, you will not be able to continue browsing this website.


WEEGI is the data controller of this website. The contents, images, photos and videos, documents, product information, patents, drawings, figures, logos, trademarks and every other type of material, in any format, published on the website, including the domain name, menu, web pages, graphics, colours, diagrams, tools, characters, general design of the website (including its layout), methods, processes, functions and software which form part of WEEGI.com may be protected by intellectual property rights belonging to WEEGI or to third parties. For this reason, its reproduction, whole or in part, in any form, may be prohibited.

Storage or reproduction of the website (or any part of it) on any other external website, or the creation of links, hypertext or connections between this website and any other Internet website is prohibited.


WEEGI does not make guarantees with regard to its website and its contents, beyond what is required by law. Users access and browse the website at their own risk.

Information contained on the website is for the purposes of promotion, publicity and communication; It does not have journalistic or informational aims and does not constitute consultation of any kind.

WEEGI makes every effort to ensure that contents are accurate and contain correct information which is up-to-date at the time of publication. Nonetheless, WEEGI neither claims nor guarantees that all content is correct, adequate, useful, complete or accurate; nor is it able to affirm that the website and the server that hosts it are free of viruses or other damaging elements.

Therefore, WEEGI does not make any claims or guarantees that its website is free of errors or viruses or that it is continuously accessible.

Neither WEEGI nor its directors, stockholders, members, managers, representatives or employees can be held responsible for any type of damage, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential of or any other nature, which may result from the use – or the impossibility thereof – of the website, including damage caused by viruses or other forms of incompleteness or incorrectness of the contents or which are otherwise connected to the present Terms and Conditions for the Use of this Website, including cases in which WEEGI has received warnings as to the possibility of such damages.

WEEGI declines responsibility for any delays or errors in the application and respect of obligations determined by the present Terms and Conditions which are not dependent on its reasonable control.


It is prohibited to use the website to publish or transmit any work, information, text, video, material or content that may be deemed illegal, threatening, false, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, discriminatory or which can constitute or encourage the perpetration of a crime or rights violation, including of intellectual copyright, or which can in some other way breach a law. WEEGI reserves the right to deny access to the website at any time at its discretion, including, for example, in situations in which WEEGI deems that the website is violating one of the present Terms and Conditions for the Use of this Website or represents a breach of law.

It is prohibited to use software, robots, crawlers, spiders, page scrapers or other automatic means or devices (1) to access parts of the website or its contents, copy them, influence their operation, control them, elude the structure or presentation of the website or other elements of its contents, or (2) to interfere with the functioning of the website or with any operations activated within the website, or to interfere with or influence the use that any user makes of the website, or to aid third parties in purchasing products on the website.

It is further prohibited to gain unauthorised access to parts or functions of the website or of other systems connected to the website through hacking, password mining or other illegal means.



In case of questions or comments regarding the website or WEEGI’s Terms and Conditions, or in the unfortunate event that you wish to make a complaint, our Customer Care is always available: please write to info@weegi.com.


WEEGI reserves the right to change the present Terms and Conditions at any time.

The use of the present website as well as any purchase contract between the customer/user and WEEGI are subject to the version of WEEGI’s Terms and Conditions that is in effect at the time the purchase order is placed through the website, or at the time that browsing of the website takes place.

Consult WEEGI’s Terms and Conditions periodically to verify any changes. The current version is indicated by the date of the most recent revision, which is shown at the bottom of the page.


WEEGI respects the privacy of users who access and use the website. For more details on the use of cookies, the type of information that is collected, the ways your information is collected and used, and in which circumstances it is communicated to third parties, we invite you to consult our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy, which form integral parts of WEEGI’s Terms and Conditions.

By placing a purchase order, you tacitly state that you are aware of the fact that we can collect, use, store and process your personal data in conformity with our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy.


The present Terms and Conditions are regulated by Italian law. The law of the country in which you live may have more advantageous norms that protect you even when Italian law is applied.

In case of contention, you can access the Dispute Resolution procedure at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

If the European Dispute Resolution procedure does not resolve the contention, the Court in which the client lives is the competent place of jurisdiction, without prejudice to the exclusive place of jurisdiction guaranteed by the norms which are to be applied.


In case of conflict between WEEGI’s Terms and Conditions and any other content present on other parts of the website or in any links, the Terms and Conditions contained in the present document will take precedence.

Each clause of the present Terms and Conditions is treated separately and independently of the others. In the case that a clause is cancelled, invalidated or otherwise judged to be unrealisable, that clause will be deemed separate from the remaining terms and will not prejudice the realisation of the remaining clauses of the present Terms and Conditions.