Well-being and Sustainability

The quality of the materials is the guaranteed by an Italian production process and from the scrupulous respect of the European directives. For this reason, shoes from WeeGi will accompany your steps guaranteeing comfort and well-being.


Moreover, we are striving every day to reduce the impact on the environment, avoiding toxic substances and heavy metals, harmful for the environment.


We are constantly researching natural alternatives: for example, wherever possible using vegetable tanned leathers and all our shoe production is sold in boxes made from recycled cardboard and subsequently will also be 100 % recyclable.


We combine modern technology with Italian manufacturing expertise to offer you a product of high quality, that is long lasting.


Our curiosity, naturally guides us towards innovation:  WeeGi products come from continuous research into new raw materials and manufacturing solutions that respect the environment.


We study novel combinations of colours and materials, to propose great shoes “on trend” with the latest fashions and designs.


Every small detail is important to us; for example, our insoles, sourced from another Italian company, guarantee a high performance impact absorption and favour the correct vein reflux.

Do you want to know a secret?

WeeGi shoes are assembled by a single method, without the use of adhesives or metal ( pins )

For this reason, we use only soft and flexible materials.

Moreover, the whole assembly is done by hand: thus, every pair has the unique

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